Funerals are so important. We want to feel we've done full justice to the person who's died, with a ceremony they themselves would have appreciated. We want to remember the person as they were throughout their life. Especially if they've been ill for some time, it's vital to recall the vibrant, healthy person they once were. And we need a space to say goodbye, with the support of other people who cared about them.

In a White Chair funeral, you can involve me as celebrant as much or as little as you like. I can act as MC, introducing the ceremony as a whole and the speakers or pieces of music; or I can write the eulogy on your instructions, and deliver the whole ceremony myself.

Because the ceremony is designed from scratch, you can use many ways to make it personal. Children can write and read their own poems; musicians can play or sing; you can decorate the venue and light candles. It's not a religious service, but you can include a hymn if that feels right.

And if it's your own funeral you're thinking about, whether that's likely to be soon or well in the future, I'm happy to come and discuss it with you.

There's a lot to do around the time of a death, and it may be when you feel least confident. My role is to support you through the process. I'll work closely with the Funeral Director to make sure it all goes smoothly.

bright sea with figure

All paintings by Garry Kennard,, reproduced by kind permission of the artist.